The lawyer we dealt with at this firm, Nicholas J Bachand, was a complete waste of a nearly a thousand dollars. He accomplished nothing but the draining our bank account.

We were referred to him by the Macomb County Bar association, big mistake. Seems that they only give the name of somebody near you, not a recommendation. We could have easily made a better choice by picking somebody at random out of the phone book. When I first met with him during the initial free consult I thought he seemed like a real ***. My wife said that is what we need. The problem is we thought he would be an *** to person we were in a legal dispute with, not to us. Wrong again Bob.

First thing he did was print up a Power of Attorney form letter, and charged us a $500 retainer for doing that. He claimed he had trouble getting in touch with the party we had a dispute with, again another load of baloney. I say this because once I decided to take matters into my own hands I had ZERO trouble getting in touch with them. He charged us for what he said was an attempt to negotiate a lower settlement. His negotiation amounted to "my client is willing pay this". That isn't a negotiation, that's being a messenger boy, an extremely expensive crappy one. He called after we cut contact with him because we decided to take matters in our own hands due to his terrible attitude and laziness. I told him he was fired, and lo and behold he charged us to fire him.

Unless you like squandering money and not getting any tangible results that you could have gotten for the price of a Legal Zoom Legal Form Letter, I would hardily not recommend him, EVER. This is my opinion, I suggest you heed it.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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